Find Your Place To Serve

So you love First Apostolic Church? Now what? Serve. We believe Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate example. He came to serve us.  Imagine that.  A King came to earth to serve us.

We understand one important principle about people.  They are all different.  At FAC, we celebrate those differences!  We know that some people are passionate about children.  For others, it’s music, while others love just supporting others.  No matter what your style or preference, we know Christ created you to serve.  If you are ready to start serving, we are ready to find the perfect place for you!

At FAC, we strive to live our mission to Love God, Love People, Serve the World.  Here’s some of the ways you can join us in serving.

General Serving

We believe in team work at FAC.  We have talented department leaders who pull together great teams of people to make every ministry work.  From our parking lot team, to our hostess, to our media crew, we have team players.  We would love for you join one of these teams.  Once you have completed the 4 week New Beginnings Class, you just tell us and we will get you connected with serving at FAC.

Active Ministry

At FAC, we never stop growing. As people become interested in serving, our desire is to give everyone the best tools for the job. We have a 3 week Active Ministry class for those interested in serving in our Sunday School, our Music department, or if they feel a call of God on their life to speak. We want to give every person the right tools for growth and spiritual development. Jesus was always training and developing his disciples. He took 12 men and turned the world upside down. We believe every person, with the proper training, has the ability to change their world.

Interested in serving? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR talk to one of our Pastors and they will get you connected.